Happy 70th Birthday Fred Thornton. 9/16/19. Best wishes & many more years!

9/1 Fred T.’s birthday party!!!! Post 188 13:05(1:05PM)

Come out & celebrate Fred Thornton’s birthday month!

9/4 James Lovell VA hospital Bingo16:45(4:45PM)

Meet at Post 188 pack up & travel to hospital.

9/8 Brunch! 10:00

9/22 Post 188 meeting 10:30

Lunch served after to attendees only.

9/28 Flag retirement ceremony dinner 18:00(6PM)

This is a very honorable event. Come out, enjoy some food, & retire a flag in honor of someone or something.

9/29 VA Hospital trip 11:45

Meet at Post 188, load up, & travel to the VA Hospital.

Post 188 sponsored baseball team

McHenry Baseball Association The Mariners in the Shetland Div.